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  • Mountain Biking
    3 galleries
    Mountain biking in Scotland, one of the Worlds leading destinations for the sport. The natural capital assets that Scotland offers mountain biking returns in excess of £50 million a year to the Scottish economy. A wider selection of individual rider photos can be found on my profile at Roots & Rain -
  • Cheviot Hills
    2 galleries
    The Cheviot Hills straddling the Scottish English border. The Cheviot Hills are primarily associated with geological activity from approximately 480 to 360 million years ago, when the continents of Avalonia and Laurentia collided, resulting in extensive volcanic activity (the Caledonian orogeny) which created a granite outcrop surrounded by lava flows.
  • Sheep Farming in the Scottish Borders
    7 galleries
    The Scottish Borders houses 1.15 million sheep on its landscape, 17 percent of the national total and the majority share of the sheep population in Scotland.
  • Hounds and Horses
    3 galleries
    A collection of galleries which contain the strand of Fox Hunting.
  • Afghanistan
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